At Graykite we snowkite when the water’s too frozen for kitesurfing. We love snowkiting, and we want to share our love with as many people as we can. The freedom of moving with the wind. The joy of nailing a move. The laughter when you describe that awesome faceplant in virgin powder over a Bailey’s hot chocolate. They’re all part of it. When you learn to snow kite the world is your playground. Snow kiting is about adrenaline and relaxation, fun and nature, making new friends and learning to do something amazing.

Learn to snowkite in Canmore with Graykite. We’ll get you up on your board and riding like a rockstar in no time.


Snow kite in Canmore

Wind + snow + sun + powder. Spray Lakes, Canmore is the snowkiting mecca of the Canadian Rockies

Expert instructors

Team leader Gilles has been teaching snowkiting since God was a lad.

Snowkiting success

We’ll have you up and riding like a rockstar in days.

Lessons for all

We offer beginners, advanced and kids lessons. Learn quickly & safely.

Book & pay online

Book online to reserve the dates you want. Pay online or in Canmore

100% Guaranteed

If you’re not satisfied with Graykite’s instruction we’ll refund you in full.

Kitesurfing courses

Graykite Canmore Snowkiting School


Advanced Kitesnowboarding Lesson

Advanced kitesurfing lessons in Tarifa: Learn transitions, tricks, jumps, old school, freestyle and more

Kids Snowkiting Lesson

We structure our kids snowkiting lessons differently to our adult lessons. Kids learn faster, have shorter attention spans and, most importantly,

Hero Unlimited Package

Unlimited time, Uninhibited learning. Graykite's Hero Unlimited Package is the quickest way to learn to kitesurf Tarifa style!

Graykite Snow Bespoke

At Graykite we work hard to offer a selection of lessons that appeal to snowkiting enthusiasts of all types and ages,

Beginners Snowkiting Lesson

We understand that snowkiting can look a bit intimidating and that lessons are quite a big commitment of time and