The Graykite Canmore Hero Unlimited Snowkiting Package lets you feel the true soul and passion of kite snowboarding. Learn to snowkite unlimited and uninhibited.


With over 15 years of experience we understand that many of our clients want to learn to kite snowboard as quickly, safely and progressively as possible. And of course you want to get maximum value for your time and money. This is why we have developed the Hero unlimited course, to bring you the ultimate kite snowboarding experience. It’s a one stop shop with a stress free approach to riding and life. You’ll love it!

The Hero package is designed so that you can experience the sport while learning at your speed and in your style. Instead of booking by the hour you simply book one to three days. You can decide when you’ll have a break to eat or a drink, and once you’ve mastered the basics what you want to learn next. You’re in charge! The balance between going at your feel in the moment and Graykite’s expert instruction and teaching methodologies, means that you will surely be a kite snowboarding rockstar in days.

Canmore is home to the 14.7 kilometer long and 1.7 kilometers wide Spray Lakes venue, a truly world class playground for kite snowboarding. Not only is the sheer size of the lake, near constant powder and quantity of the wind ideal, but the natural beauty of the surrounding 13,000 foot Rockie Mountains makes for a Hero experience that you will cherish for a lifetime.

If you’re a beginner getting up on your board quickly is made much easier by having such a vast flat space on the lake with no obstacles or dangers to worry about. You’ll be free to learn and enjoy the powder, expert guidance and awe inspiring surroundings.

Kite snowboarding is much easier to learn than kitesurfing. As soon as you learn the basics of kite control you have a solid yet soft surface beneath your board or skis on, and off you go. You don’t have to worry about waves or water and the world of snow kiting in champagne powder is yours to embrace.

If you already know how to Kitesurf often we can have you up and riding on your snowboard or skiis with an hour or two. We will go over some of the important basics, as you will need to understand mountain wind, (a different level of comprehension than water surface wind), and how to read ice and snow pack as well as the different levels of load you need on the heel edge of your board compared to riding on the water.

If you haven’t tried kitesurfing before, learning to kite snowboard first is like learning to ride a bike with training wheels. It’s much easier to learn to snowkite than to kitesurf. Just like toddlers find that extra support and balance with two extra wheels, you will have that added benefit of finding your stamina and balance with kite while standing on solid ground. You will step into your board or skiis and get going in a much shorter time than on the water.

If you learn to snowkite before you learn to kite surf you will have all the basics down, including precision bar and kite control and heel edge load on the board and also how to ride up wind. All that knowledge will make it much easier for you to learn to kitesurf in future.

Now that your adventure in the exciting world of kiting has begun you can decide when and if you want to progress to the next level, either by taking one of our Graykite kitesurfing courses  in any one of our exotic locations around the world or by having more snowkiting lessons to learn new tricks, flicks and techniques.

So after you’ve enjoyed all the wintry goodness of your snowkiting vacation you’ll be well past your entry level into this exciting sport and be ready for first water starts in a sunny paradise. Your training wheels can be put in storage because all we need to teach you is the added dimension of balance on water. One or perhaps two more Hero days on water and you will be a truly multi dimensional, independent and well seasoned kiter.

With the Hero Unlimited Package we can also arrange accommodation at a winter wonderland chalet in the heart of Canmore. Other accommodation options are available on request.

The Graykite Hero Unlimited Package guarantees you a no stress atmosphere, the chance to progress at a speed you’re comfortable with, unlimited time on the snow and complete freedom to ride. And the expertise to get up on a board in the water somewhere sunny next time you decide to catch some rays.

We can give you an idea how your days might work out – but never forget, with the Hero Package it’s all up to you.

DEPARTURE TIME 45 minutes before lesson is scheduled to begin
RETURN TIME 45 minutes after lesson ends
WEAR You will need a polypropylene under layer for vipping sweat, thermal clothes for minus 20 conditions and preferably goretex as your outer layer for water proofing
Professional instructor Transport to lesson site
Kite snowboarding equipment Harness
Safety equipment Helmet & leash
Fun Progress