At Graykite we work hard to offer a selection of lessons that appeal to snowkiting enthusiasts of all types and ages, but we can’t predict everybody’s needs. Just like our teaching methodology, we want our courses to put your needs first. That’s why we offer bespoke snowkiting lessons – you pick what you want, and we’ll make it happen.

Perhaps you require unusual lesson scheduling, or specialist skills training. Maybe you want to organise a kite safari for group of friends? Maybe you just want to do a number of hours in the day that isn’t available on our standard courses. Whatever it is, the fact you can’t see it on our list of courses doesn’t mean we can’t do it for you.

Whatever you want, drop Gilles a line here and he’ll do his best to make it happen. Gilles has spent over 10 years teaching kite snowboarding and kite surfing and he wants to share his passion for the sport, so whatever you want just ask.

Gilles really knows his stuff, so feel free to pick his brain if you need any help or advice. If what you want to do is possible and even vaguely sane, he’ll put you on track to get it done.